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The Original Titanium Air-Cooled Sports Pipe!

A Mori Design exclusive.

The perfect pipe for Camping, Fishing, Hiking! No matter what your activity, this compact pipe is the perfect small, compact size, light- weight pipe that is easy to pack or carry.  Leave that expensive Meerschaum or Briar at home. Pure Titanium lined with a durable solid Aircraft Aluminum body fitted with an airtight moveable lid.  The Perfect Pipe to stand up to abuse.  The streamlined design makes it easy to keep clean so your tobacco never tastes stale. 

Made in the state of Washington right here in the USA!

An Aluminum finned, air-cooled pipe with Titanium lined sleeve, Titanium Dome filter and solid colored glass rods actually reduces smoke heat by 30%!

Generous large 0.625 bowl, topped with a precision fit, air tight, movable lid and includes a high grade stainless steel poker. 

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Raydiator pipes include a water tight carrying case, Stainless Steel Poker, Glass Rod and an extra Ti filter!

LARGE DOUBLE GLASS Large 5/8"x 5/8" Bowl with Two Colored Glass Rods*.

Stock #MDM2

Picture of the back &  bottom of the pipe.





Raydiator PARTS


Pure Titanium Domed Wire Mesh Filter/Screen   

Why a Dome?


1/2" (.500) Titanium Dome   This is the size that fits your Old Raydiator Pipe.  (Did not come with a lid & you have had it over ten years).




5/8" (.625) Titanium Dome  This is the size that fits your new model Raydiator Pipe.




3/4" (.750) Titanium Dome Great for "Regular" pipes! This Dome does not fit any style of Raydiator pipe.




1" (1.00) Titanium Dome  This Dome does not fit any style of Raydiator pipe. 

Stock #MD1DOME




Stainless Steel Poker Tool  Approximately 4 5/8" long High Grade Stainless Poker makes cleaning easy.

Stock #MDPOK 


GLASS RODS Colored Glass Rods come in different colors. *Email your choice of colors to: and we will try to match your choices.  

Stock #MDGL 


 Lid, Fastener, O-ring, Washer, Hex Wrench

Stock #MDKIT 


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National Registry of Marijuana Overdose Victims! 

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